What are your rates ?

Why pay the same rate for different levels of tutors? At SOSteacher, we believe in being transparent and in offering different types of tutors at different rates.

 Online rates

$35 Companion

Who? College and pre-university students
Why? Ideal for homework help with elementary students

👍 Our Companions work with students who want weekly tutoring and are doing well in school. 



$42 Regular

Who? Specialized studies in the field requiring a tutor, with college or mostly university-level studies
Why? Ideal for homework help, remedial work, exam preparation.

🎯 Regular tutors are our most popular! They are educated in a specific subject area, which allows them to help their students progress rapidly.



$50 Premium

*Only rate for grade 12, college and university level students.
Who? Legally certified teachers, graduate level university students and above
Why? Ideal for learning challenges/difficulties, special needs, students in grade 10 (secondary 4) and up. 

❤️ These are our most experienced tutors. You will rarely find them anywhere else; they love working at SOSteacher :)


At-Home tutoring

According to the proposed route by the tutor, which will add between 30 minutes to an hour for the travel.

Please note:

  • Service EXEMPT from BOTH government taxes;
  • TAX CREDIT at the provincial government level (some restrictions apply);
  • Various discounts with our partners.


🎓Find your tutor in a few clicks! www.sosprof.ca/inscription



Is the fee the same whether we have one or more child?

Yes, it is the same. However, when there is more than one child in a session, we ask the parent to take sessions of a minimum of 1 hour and 30 minutes or 45 minutes per child. This only applies to parents who wish to take classes with more than one child at a time per session.