How do I register?

We will ask for 5 minutes of your time!


Here's how it works, quickly and easily:
  1. Determine your needs through our Registration Form.
  2. You will be able to select the subject, the schedule and the location.
  3. Your request will create an offer for our tutors, which in the best of worlds they cannot refuse.
  4. Then we will select the best tutor for you. You will also be able to participate in the selection process, for which you will also receive the application in real time in your online account. You can also change your option within 36 hours.
  5. The tutor will have 48 hours to contact you to define the learning objectives and the date of the first meeting.
  6. We offer a satisfaction guarantee for the first session, so if the choice of tutor does not meet your expectations, we will cancel your invoice for that session.
We will provide you with an online account where you can manage all your tutoring services in real time and in one place, from scheduling to billing. You'll love it!

💡 We encourage you to download our application to experience SOSteacher at its best! 


What is the purpose of this form?

The form allows us to understand your needs in order to find you the ideal tutor whether it be online or at-home. It also allows us to do geolocation to find a tutor in your area for at-home services.



Do I have to lock into a specified number of hours with you?

No, there is no contract with us. Therefore, you can terminate the services whenever you wish without providing any reason.



☝️ The use of your online account is mandatory in order to start the services. You will be able to manage all aspects of the tutoring with us through this account.